What to Expect at Your Orthodontic Evaluation

Just like routine dermatologic or vision care, it’s recommended that patients ask their dentist to check their orthodontic wellness once every five years, and if you have anything out of alignment, annual evaluations are essential.  Many of our younger patients have dentists that recommend their parents keep their children in what is called observation.  With all of the progressive effects of aging, we think it would be ideal for patients of all ages to observe their oral health from gums to orthodontics. However, it can be intimidating to schedule an orthodontic evaluation without knowing what to expect. At Go Clear Orthodontics we strive to provide complete patient education, even before you visit our office. If you’re not sure what an evaluation with your orthodontist involves, keep reading so that you can learn how important this visit is to your overall dental health.

What’s Next?  A Perfect Smile For Life…

Go Clear Orthodontics strives to provide comprehensive education for every patient that walks through our doors, so at the conclusion of your orthodontic evaluation, our doctor will discuss their findings in great detail. Our goal is for you to fully understand how your dental alignment is affecting your daily life and to offer resources and options for treatment.

Should you decide to move forward with treatment, you will find that the process is easy and informative. Rather than selling you on the latest and greatest on the market, our team will recommend the best treatment option based on your specific dental needs, ultimately leaving the decision to pursue treatment in your hands. We aim to be your guide during this process and respect whatever course of treatment you feel is most appropriate for you.

Finding success with your new aligners is largely dependent on if you have the right technology, programmed precisely to your aligner prescription using the iTero, and having received excellent training on how to use your aligners in your daily life.