Your Experience

At Morrocroft Dental Associates, we see our patients as the center of the universe. That is why we are flexible on appointment times, follow the best practices on our clinical experience, and stay open on Fridays!  We also know your treatment doesn’t end when you book your next appointment on your way out and leave. You will have to carry the hygiene practices we teach you in your appointment back to your home where your brushing and flossing keep you clean between visits.  The better you take care of yourself, the easier your next visit will be.

During each appointment, our dentist will discuss your treatment in detail, explaining how your treatment will work for your case. As technology has advanced alongside our team’s focus on continuing education. This has enabled our team to handle almost any case, from simple to more complex. The first appointment is an opportunity to ask any of your questions whether it be about treatment, costs, dental or orthodontic insurance, or any other concerns you may have.