If you are looking for a place to get your teeth cleaned, you will probably want to search for the closest and most affordable dentist in town.  However, why not pick a right dentist you will likely always drive by no matter what is going on in your day?  The easy way, and probably my favourite method is to find a dentist somewhere between your route to or from work.  Unfortunately, in many cases your route is going to give you several options close to your house and the office.  So if you are like me and you are unable to find the perfect one here are options to consider that may make your decision easier.

Close To Your Home

If you want to drop into the office as early as possible, you will want to find a dental practice that is as close to your home as possible.  If you have kids, you will have to do some negotiating with your spouse (the night before) for them to take the kids to school so you can drink your coffee, grab a quick brush, and get to the practice before anyone else gets on the road to head to work.  There’s nothing worse than setting yourself up with an early morning dental appointment only to show up late and have to reschedule!  Most offices (like ours) have a coffee maker in the office too, so you can shave a few more minutes off your trip.

Closer To Your Office

If you want to give yourself the choice to book a dental appointment during lunch, you should definitely consider a dental practice that is close to your office rather than your home.  I work at a dental office and sometimes that is the only reason I get my teeth cleaned, it’s convenient!  Otherwise, I would sometimes choose a workout over a cleaning…but I love my teeth more :).  Also, if you ever have to get something less fun (than a simple cleaning) and want to go straight home after your appointment, you can schedule a 4:30pm appointment and go straight home after. (right dentist)

Dental Office Open Fridays (Yes they do exist!)

We are open Fridays and build our schedule around you!  Not to flex our scheduling muscles too hard, but we pride ourselves on turning your slow day at work into a productive one for your teeth.  If you would rather have a Monday, we are open then too!  Most dentists take Fridays off to do their own thing while the rest of the world works, however, we hate the chance to discuss weekend plans with everyone excited to shout #TGIF to their friends.  Schedule with us, you won’t regret it. (right dentist)

Coolest Office | Regardless of Location & Affordability

Sometimes you just have to make a gut call.  You read a really great blog post and say to yourself, this is the practice I have to go check out.  We know how you feel!  Though we have a great deal for new patients and are conveniently located by the Morrocroft Harris Teeter, Morrocroft Library and Phillip’s Place in South Park, Charlotte, so you get everything all in one place.  Also, check out our office tour and see all of the great photos of our custom stone walls and layout.